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Salvador Dali had already reached fame as an artist when he turned his creative instincts toward the development of a line of fragrances. Even the bottles are inspired by Dali and his paintings. Dali is well-known for his surrealistic art, which includes his 1931 painting of melting watches, "The Persistence of Memory."

Salvador Dali's transition into perfumes seems natural since he was an imaginative and creative artist, and his wife, Gala, was a perfumista with a large collection of scents. Her fondness for roses influenced the first perfume introduced by Dali. The bottle for his first fragrance in 1983, Salvador Dali, was inspired by one of his surrealist paintings. It was produced in partnership with Cofinluxe. Although the perfume was intended to be produced in a limited amount, it became available internationally in 1985 due to its popularity. A scent for men was also offered in 1985. The Salvador Dali label includes over 25 perfumes in uniquely Dali-inspired bottles. The company released another scent in 2014.

The original Salvador Dali fragrances for women and men are among the popular scents produced by the company. It also produces the Aphrodite collection, which includes Laguna, an exotic scent reminiscent of the seaside. Other scents include the luxurious Fabulous collection, with its rare ingredients and richness, and the Kiss collection, designed for young women. Dalimix is a unisex fragrance blending woody and floral scents with fruit.